The Power of Branding

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Anyone who doubts the power of successful branding should pay close attention to the following story, cuz shit is real and it’s generic viagra best effective.


So check it, my almost two year old son has this strange fascination with garbage trucks and garbage cans. Everytime he sees a garbage can, garbage truck, or anything that resembles either, he freaks. In Viagra online sales a good way. My wife and I could be driving down the street w/ my son strapped into his carseat and all of a sudden dude will let out a loud “GARBAAAGE!!!!” He does this any and everytime he sees a garbage-bin-looking thing near the curb. You’d best believe he’s scared the crap out of me on numerous occasions. I’ll be cruising along listening to some mellow reggae, oblivious to the fact that he’s chilling back there, when all of a sudden homeboy would remind me that he’s not only in the car but was blessed with some serious pipes.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all of this so let me buy viagra 100mg reel myself back in.


I still rock my old grey Army PT t-shirts and everytime I do my son points to the ‘M’ in ARMY and yells “Garbaaage!!!”. I would then repeatedly correct him and tell him that it’s not garbage, it’s the letter ‘M’. It worried me a little because I had no idea where he was picking up this strange connection….until one day I happened to wear a Wonder bread t-shirt with my son on my lap and my intuitive wife sitting next to me (who instantly pieced it all together). Of course my son saw the ‘W’ in Wonder and immediately yelled out “Garbaaage!!!”. My wife started cracking up and I began to tell her how he’d call the letter ‘M’ garbage as well. She immediately said he’s reacting that way because every garbage truck he sees has a big WM plastered on the prix cialis 20 mg side of it. Dude’s not even two, can’t read or write and yet he already knows that WM is synonymous with garbage hauling. Amazing.

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