F@#&!!! Skinny Jeans

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This may be a sign that I’m rapidly becoming a Buy cialis drugs dinosaur, but WTF is up with guys rocking those skinny, ass-tight jeans nowadays? Do women actually find this pants-wearing style attractive? I mean, c’mon now – look at this shit!

What is your major malfunction? I know that creatives like myself are supposed to embrace trends, be fashion forward, have an open mind, yadda, yadda, yadda…but lemme tell you, this is one designer that you will NEVER catch dead in them ballsack constricting jeans. Mick fkn Jagger

There’s only one dude

who’s allowed to wear this Viagra Online at good prices shit and his name is Mick Jagger. Why? Because he’s Mick fkn Jagger.

It’s all quite simple. Just ask yourself these two basic questions: 1. Are you a guy? 2. Is your name Mick fkn Jagger? If you answered yes to 1. and no to 2. TAKE OFF YOUR FKN SKINNY JEANS IMMEDIATELY. Thank you for your cooperation, have a nice fkn day.


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