QR Code Mecca

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Most everyone out there should know what a

QR Code is by now, right? If not, go find out and then come back here because I just found a badass site that will stuff your head with more QR Code knowledge than one could ever desire. The site is QRStuff.com and I found them via Google today while polishing up my new resume. I have to give credit to my wife because I was just about ready to

call it good when she told me, “You should put that smart phone thingy on it with a link to your website!”  My immediate reply was, “Oh sh*t, great idea!!! I’ll add it now.”

Use It

XKLAIM ★ Creative Division QR Code

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I already have a QR Code linked to xklaim.com in my new business card design but had overlooked adding it to my resume. Seemed like a no-brainer, but something that’s easily overlooked. Which is why thanks are in order here–so thank you for the suggestion wifey (a perfect example of why it’s always prudent to have your

work reviewed by someone

other than yourself)!

QR Code Minimum Size

The reason I googled this was to see if I could find a best practice for using a QR Code in a printed piece like my resume. And sure enough, there is. Those fine folks went through the trouble of putting together a spiffy table that breaks down QR Code by type, size and scan distance. Well played sirs. I will surely be back to your site when I need to find something out about those blocky, boxy buggers.

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