Unrealistic Expectations

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Good Morning Inbox

I got a little surprise in my inbox this Monday

morning. I’m not talking finding rockstar parking downtown on a Friday night surprise. http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-toronto/ I’m talking stinky poop in a baby’s levitra buy us diaper surprise. Yes, the EW face inducing kind of surprise.

So what set me off this morning, you ask? Your basic undermining everything that you do as a professional, ridiculous proposal request. As part of my networking/marketing plan I’ve joined a few freelance marketplace websites. This morning I received an email invite to bid on a web design project for a local small business. Their budget? Under $250. It gets better. They want 50 design templates! Yes, FIFTY. That’s $5 per web design template! Are you fkn kidding me?!

But Wait, There’s More!

I’m afraid the rabbit hole doesn’t stop there. After doing a quick Google search on this company I discovered that they’re flipping commander sildenafil mg these designs https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-pas-cher/ and reselling them for $300 each. I really, really hope that I’m http://iupatdc5.org misinterpreting their request and that they are actually willing to pay $250 per design. Still, $250 for a design and HTML site is quite a stretch.


So what’s a designer to do in this situation? I’ve always believed that a lot of time and energy in our field are put forth to educate clients like these. And necessarily so. But is it even worth the effort in extreme cases like this? I say yes, as setting a client’s expectations straight today may not directly help me, but it may help a fellow designer down the road…what do

you think? Chime in below.

Update: I submitted a question to this potential client for clarification…and never got a response. No surprise there.

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