QR Code Mecca

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QR Code Mecca

Most everyone out there should know what a http://www.laviagraes.com/compro-viagra-en-barcelona QR Code is by now, right? If not, go find out and then come back here because I just found a badass site that will stuff your head with more QR Code knowledge than one could ever desire. The site is QRStuff.com and I found them […]

The Power of Branding

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Anyone who doubts the power of successful branding should pay close attention to the following story, cuz shit is real and it’s generic viagra best effective. GARBAAAGE!!! So check it, my almost two year old son has this strange https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/prix-du-viagra/ fascination with garbage trucks and garbage cans. Everytime he sees a garbage can, garbage truck, […]